Young Members

Young members are a large, influential and rapidly growing part of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


At RAeS Heathrow Branch, we have well organised monthly lectures with networking opportunities and industry visits to local aeronautical organisations – both provide great opportunities for young members to improve their career awareness, enhance knowledge and skill portfolios, meet their peers and establish individual and corporate contacts for their future career needs.

We actively provide and support career outreach programmes in our local community, collaborate along our local industry partners, participating in career exhibitions, career talks and organising dedicated young persons networking speech / events at our local schools, colleges and universities etc.

201603 KU Lunch Talk

Networking Lunch Talk at Kingston University London. L-R: Marcus Gale, Eleanor McBrien, Charlie Russell, Joanna Kifun and Graeme Brown of British Airways Graduate/Cadet Pilot/Placement Programme.

Let alone the Heathrow Branch, the Society’s worldwide network also has multiple platforms and many other opportunities and recognition dedicated to young members. Visit for more information about Young Members in the Society.