Past Lectures

Branch lecture activities are mainly during the winter, with monthly lectures held from September until April, usually at British Airways’s corporate headquarters at Waterside, Heathrow Airport. Speakers and their topics cover a wide spectrum – manufacturing, operations, space, history, maintenance, economics, achievements, and the armed forces. It is a continuing source of pride that the Branch attracts some of the top names in aviation to its lecture rostrum. For current and future lecture programme, visit Upcoming Events page to obtain the latest information and to register!

2017/18 Season

12 APR Past, Present and Future of Atmospheric Research Flying in the UK
Dr Guy Gratton [CEng, FRAeS], Head of Airborne Science & Technology
National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)
08 MAR Silver City Airways – The First 70 Years
Paul Ross, Chairman – Silver City Association
Engineering for Life – the Making of Modern Aircrew Escape Systems

Philip Rowles [CEng FRAeS], Vice President of Engineering
Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd.
08 FEB Formula 1 Aerodynamics: Modelling for Performance
Dr Stephen Liddle [CEng, FRAeS], Principal Aerodynamicist – Renault Sport F1
11 JAN 2018 Metallic Additive Manufacturing: The current state and where it needs to go
Stuart Jackson, AMPD Business Development Manager – Renishaw Plc.
09 NOV Personal Experience of Big New Ventures at Heathrow
Andy Garner [FRAeS], Baggage Operations Director – Heathrow Airport Ltd.
12 OCT Future Airspace Strategy (FAS): Set to Modernise UK Airspace
Stuart Lindsey, Manager Airspace Regulation – Civil Aviation Authority
14 SEP “I Believe I Can Fly” – Human Powered Flying
Samuel Penny, Licensed Aircraft Engineer – British Airways
Member of the British Human Powered Flying Club (BHPFC)


2016/17 Season

13 APR BAC1-11 Initial Flight Trials
John Thorpe [FRAeS], Former BAC Flight Test Engineer
09 MAR Sir Richard Fairey Named Lecture
Advances in Airport Technology
Olivier Frerotte, Airport Operations Technical Expert
Pierre Carpentier, Airport Operations Product Manager
Thales Avionics
09 FEB Airspace Sovereignty: The Loss of MH17 – An Avoidable Tragedy?
Prof. Keith Hayward [FRAeS], Head of Research – Royal Aeronautical Society
12 JAN 2017 RAeS Schools Build-A-Plane Project
Oliver Vass, Schools Build-A-Plane Challenge
08 DEC Development of Aircraft Simulation – An Essential Part of Training & Aircraft Design
Capt. Hugh Dibley [FRAeS], Aviation Consultant – Royal Aeronautical Society
10 NOV The History & Development of Martin-Baker
Tony Gaunt, Business Development Executive – Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd.
13 OCT Recollections of A Bush Pilot
Capt. Paul Catanach, Line Training Captain – TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd.
08 SEP Safe Evacuation from Aircraft: The Application of Fire and Evacuation Simulation to Aircraft Design, Certification and Accident Investigation
Prof. Edwin R. Galea [BSc, Dip.Ed, Phd, CMath, FIMA, CEng, FIFireE]
Director of Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) – University of Greenwich

2015/16 Season

14 APR Airfix – Scaling Down Reality
Simon Owen, Lead Researcher – Hornby Hobbies Ltd.
10 MAR Airlines – Tackling the Climate Change Challenge
Jonathon Counsell, Head of Sustainability – International Airlines Group
11 FEB Sir Richard Fairey Named Lecture
The Hybrid Air Vehicles – Airlander 10 Project 
Tom Grundy, Operations Director – Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd.
14 JAN 2016 History of the Airways Aero Association
Lawrence Hole, Historian – Air Britain
10 DEC Charles Abell Named Lecture
Marshall of Cambridge – Past, Present and Future 
Terry Holloway, Group Support Executive – Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
12 NOV RPAS Operations and Integration into Civilian and Military Airspace
Dr Stuart Gilmartin, Director – Gilmartin Global Consulting Ltd.
08 OCT Aircraft Fatigue from Comet to B787
Dr Andrew Halfpenny, Chief Technologist – HBM-nCode

2014/15 Season

09 APR Experiences of a WW2 Air Gunner
Harry Irons DFC
12 MAR Charles Abell Named Lecture
RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Maintaining Historic Aircraft
Warrant Officer Kevin Ball, Senior Engineering Officer – Royal Air Force
12 FEB The Skylon Spaceplane and its SABRE Engines
Dr Helen Webber, Senior Performance Engineer, Reaction Engines
08 JAN 2015 Sir Richard Fairey Named Lecture
Rolls Royce – Future Developments in Engine Technology
Mark Thomas [CEng, FRAeS], Chief Engineer for Technology and Future Programmes – Rolls-Royce Civil Large Engines Business
11 DEC The Future of Flight Simulation
Grp. Capt. Gordon Woolley [OBE, AFC, FRAeS] – Royal Air Force (Retired)
13 NOV Influences and Developments in Aviation Medicine in the Last 25 Years
Professor Michael Bagshaw [MB, BCh, MRCS, FFOM, DAvMed, FRAeS]
09 OCT History of the Royal Aircraft Establishment
Dr Graham Rood
11 SEP NATS, Swanwick Centre
Andy Rankine [FRAeS], Head of Section, Adaptation and Operations,
Engineering Operations – NATS Air Traffic Control Centre Swanwick

2013/14 Season

10 APR Heathrow and British Aiways of Yesteryear
Graeme Catnach, Chairman – Royal Aeronautical Society Heathrow Branch
13 MAR A400M – from Development into Service
Brian Kitson [BTech, CEng, MRAeS], Head of Overall Aircraft Aerodynamics – Airbus
13 FEB Introduction the B787 Dreamliner to British Airways Service
SFO Mitch Preston, B787 Entry Into Service Manager – British Airways
09 JAN 2014 The Story of Merlin
Peter Maynard, Aeronautical Historian
12 DEC InFlight Movies & More – Keeping Our Customers Entertained at 35,000ft
Richard d’Cruze, Inflight Entertainment & Technology Manager – British Airways
14 NOV History of Inflight Refuelling
James Kemmitt [BEng, MBA, CEng, MIET], Software Engineering Manager
– Cobham Mission Equipment
10 OCT Sholto Douglas Named Lecture
Introducing Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 into British Airways Fleet
Keith Williams, Chief Executive Officer – British Airways
12 SEP Bat Boat to Red Arrows – 100 Years of World Class Aircraft from Kingston upon Thames
David Hassard [BTech, CEng, FIET]

2012/13 Season

25 APR RAF Operations – GAN
Vic Merrill, Chief Tech – RAF Gan 1966
14 MAR Sholto Douglas Named Lecture
Farnborough Airshow – Behind the Scenes
Amanda Stainer, Commercial Director – Farnborough International Ltd.
07 FEB Inside Insight
Richard d’Cruze, Inflight Entertainment & Technology Manager – British Airways
10 JAN 2013 A330 – Airliner to AirTanker
Geoffrey Winterbottom [MRAeS CEng], Aircraft Integration Engineer – AirTanker Ltd.
13 DEC The VC10 in RAF Service
Flt Lt Andy Townshend – Royal Air Force
08 NOV Project Bloodhound
Wing Commander Andy D. Green [OBE BA] – Royal Air Force
11 OCT Sir Richard Fairey Named Lecture
Training to Avoid Loss of Control Accidents
Capt Hugh Dibley [MCILT,  FRIN,  FRAeS]
20 SEP Charles Abell Named Lecture
Towards Engineering Council Registration
Peter Richards

2011/12 Season

12 APR Do Engineers Make Bad Businessmen?
Brian Davies, Aviation Consultant
08 MAR One of the Few
John Shipman
09 FEB AirTanker
Geoffrey Winterbottom [MRAeS CEng], Aircraft Integration Engineer – AirTanker Ltd.
12 JAN 2012 Surrey Police Helicopters
Inspector Steve Cheeseman – Surrey Police
08 DEC My 80 Years of Aviation History
Albert Barnes, Committee Member -Royal Aeronautical Society Heathrow Branch
11 NOV Work of the Air Accident Investigation Board
Keith Conradi, Chief Inspector of Air Accidents – AAIB
13 OCT Charles Abell Named Lecture
Widebodies Over China
Stewart John [OBE FRAeS], Aviation Board Member
8 SEP A318 Operationsy, London City to New York
Cliff Agius, Senior First Officer – British Airways

2010/11 Season

14 APR “AIRCRUISE” Airship Concept
Nick Tablot, Director – Seymour Powell
10 MAR Blended Wing Body Aircraft
Professor Ian Poll – Cranfield University
10 FEB Sholto Douglas Named Lecture
The Last Man Standing – Managing Risk Where Others Have Failed
Tim Jeans, Managing Director – Monarch Airlines
13 JAN 2011 Sir Richard Fairey Named Lecture
Can the UK be in the Vanguard of the New Space Age?
Alan Bond, Director – Reaction Engines Ltd.
09 DEC Charles Abell Named Lecture
The Future of British Airways Engineering
Gary Copeland, Director of Engineering – British Airways
11 NOV ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital
Karen Jaques, Head of Corporate Partnerships – ORBIS
14 OCT Those Magnificent Women (and Men) of the Air Transport Auxiliary
Clare Walker, Chairman of Women in Aviation and Aerospace Committee
– Royal Aeronautical Society
16 SEP Aerial Refuelling of Modern Airliners
Dr Raj Nangia – Aviation Consultant

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