In demographic terms, the RAeS Heathrow Branch members principally come from around Heathrow and Middlesex, although the catchment area also covers London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and parts of Surrey and Hampshire.

Although the Society, and therefore the Branch, has a major concern with aeronautical engineering, Branch membership consists of a broad range of aeronautical disciplines, both in civil and military sectors. In addition to those representing a wide cross section of engineering expertise, it also includes flight, and cabin crew, air traffic controllers, doctors, designers, academics, scientists, students, plus others from airline or airport functions such as flight operations, ground operations, airport operations, planning, marketing, finance, information technology, and communications. It also has a strong contingent of retired members, although many of these have continued their links with the aerospace industry as consultants.

Given the close ties with Heathrow airport, it is not surprising that the majority of the members are either employees or ex-employees of Heathrow Airport, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, NATS and other key companies based in and around Heathrow.

Branch Membership

The RAeS Heathrow Branch membership is currently designed to be held in three categories:

a) Members of the Society at any grade may request to be affiliated with the Branch as Branch Members. They are not required to pay a branch subscription.

b) Members of the general public who agree with the objectives of the Branch and who have paid the annual branch subscription approved by the Branch Committee and have requested to be affiliated with the Branch as Branch Members.**
“Friend of the Branch” is the colloquial term for a non-Society Branch Member.

c) The Branch welcomes other interested persons to attend Branch lectures and events as Visitors. Such non-members may be required to pay an attendance fee per event, as approved by the Branch Committee. | General public who is student or apprentice or a member of voluntary youth group, may attend the Branch events for free.

** No restrictions shall be laid down to prevent any particular class of person from joining the Branch, and no technical status (post nominal designation) shall be granted to Branch Members as such. All technical status or professional registration should apply through the main Society.

non-RAeS Members, Membership Subscription

If you are NOT a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and wish to join the RAeS Heathrow Branch for the coming lecture season, the current subscription:

  • an annual fee of £6.00 for the entire season (eight lectures) – Branch Member
  • or individual lectures for £2.00 each – Visitors

How to Become a Branch Member?

✈ If you are a Student/Apprentice or a Student Affiliate / Apprentice Affiliate member of the RAeS, you can join / be affiliated to the Branch free of charge, simply fill the Student/Apprentice Membership Form and return it to us via email –

✈ If you are a member of the main Society (at ARAeS / AMRAeS / MRAeS / FRAeS / Hon.FRAeS / CRAeS / Hon.CRAeS grade), you can also request to be affiliated to the Branch, simply fill the Membership Form and return it to us via email –

✈ If you are not a member of the main Society, and would like to become a Branch Member, fill the Membership Form and return it to us via email and pay your annual subscription fee (£6.00) to the Branch Treasurer on your next attendance of Branch Events.

Society Membership

A5 membership_TABLE web friendly

RAeS membership chart

The Royal Aeronautical Society is unique as a professional institution as it accepts members from all areas of the aerospace industry. From head of industry to students and junior staff, and it also accepts those who have only a general interest in aerospace. The Society has a range of electable grades from Student to Fellow or Companion.

If you would like to become an RAeS member and receive further information on all membership grades, please visit the Society’s membership website or email the membership department –
Free Membership for students and apprentices is available, simply apply online.