“G-RAES” Jetliner

The Royal Aeronautical Society was found in 1866, and 2016, it is the sesquicentennial (150 years young!). In celebration of this special occasion, British Airways painted the Society 150 Years Anniversary logo on the side of its Boeing 777 Jetliner, registration – “G-RAES”. This special livery was flying around the world (17 countries and 35 destinations in total) with British Airways throughout the year of 2016!

G-RAES B777-236ER aircraft was the eighth B777-200ER on the British Airways fleet. First flown on 30th May 1997, and delivered to the BA fleet on 10th June. Eighteen years later, on 19th December 2015, under revision 667214, the jetliner was fitted with #RAeS150 decal for the celebration of the sesquicentennial year of the Society!

The following map showcased the countries that G-RAES has flown to since the “RAeS150” decal has fitted onboard. (▼Click on the map to view the full galley of the aircraft)



Date Flight No. From Via To
01/01/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
02/01/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
02/01/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
03/01/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
03/01/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
04/01/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
06/01/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
07/01/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
08/01/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain (DOH) Doha
08/01/2016 BA124 (DOH) Doha (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
09/01/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
10/01/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
10/01/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
11/01/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
11/01/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
11/01/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
12/01/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
12/01/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
13/01/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
13/01/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
14/01/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
14/01/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
15/01/2016 BA115 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
15/01/2016 BA114 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
16/01/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
16/01/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
17/01/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
17/01/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
19/01/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
20/01/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
20/01/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
21/01/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
21/01/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
22/01/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
22/01/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
23/01/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
23/01/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
24/01/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
24/01/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
24/01/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
25/01/2016 BA177 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
25/01/2016 BA174 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
26/01/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
27/01/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
27/01/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
28/01/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
28/01/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
29/01/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
29/01/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
30/01/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
30/01/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
31/01/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
31/01/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
01/02/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
01/02/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
02/02/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
02/02/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
03/02/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
03/02/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
04/02/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
04/02/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
05/02/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
05/02/2016 BA115 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
05/02/2016 BA114 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
06/02/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
06/02/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
07/02/2016 BA177 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
07/02/2016 BA174 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
08/02/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
08/02/2016 BA116 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
09/02/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
09/02/2016 BA116 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
10/02/2016 BA157 (LHR) London (KWI) Kuwait
11/02/2016 BA156 (KWI) Kuwait (LHR) London
11/02/2016 BA115 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
11/02/2016 BA114 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
12/02/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
12/02/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
13/02/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
13/02/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
14/02/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
15/02/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
15/02/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
16/02/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
16/02/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
17/02/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
17/02/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
18/02/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
18/02/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
19/02/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
19/02/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
20/02/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
20/02/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
21/02/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
21/02/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
22/02/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
22/02/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
23/02/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
23/02/2016 BA257 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
24/02/2016 BA256 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
24/02/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
25/02/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
25/02/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
26/02/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
26/02/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
27/02/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
28/02/2016 BA173 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
28/02/2016 BA176 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
29/02/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
29/02/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
01/03/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
01/03/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
02/03/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
02/03/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
03/03/2016 BA93 (LHR) London (YYZ) Toronto
03/03/2016 BA92 (YYZ) Toronto (LHR) London
04/03/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
04/03/2016 BA176 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
05/03/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
05/03/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
06/03/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain (DOH) Doha
06/03/2016 BA124 (DOH) Doha (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
07/03/2016 BA53 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
07/03/2016 BA52 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
08/03/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
08/03/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
09/03/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
09/03/2016 BA116 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
10/03/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain (DOH) Doha
10/03/2016 BA124 (DOH) Doha (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
11/03/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
12/03/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
12/03/2016 BA53 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
12/03/2016 BA52 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
13/03/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain (DOH) Doha
13/03/2016 BA124 (DOH) Doha (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
14/03/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
14/03/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
15/03/2016 BA257 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
16/03/2016 BA256 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
18/03/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
18/03/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
18/03/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
19/03/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
19/03/2016 BA215 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
19/03/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
20/03/2016 BA181 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
21/03/2016 BA180 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
21/03/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
22/03/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
22/03/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
23/03/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
23/03/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
24/03/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
24/03/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
25/03/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
25/03/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
26/03/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
26/03/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
27/03/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
27/03/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
28/03/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
28/03/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
28/03/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
29/03/2016 BA115 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
29/03/2016 BA176 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
30/03/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
30/03/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
31/03/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
31/03/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
01/04/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
01/04/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
02/04/2016 BA215 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
02/04/2016 BA202 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
03/04/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
04/04/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
04/04/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
04/04/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
04/04/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
05/04/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
05/04/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
06/04/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
07/04/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
07/04/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
07/04/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
08/04/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
08/04/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
09/04/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
09/04/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
10/04/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
10/04/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
10/04/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
11/04/2016 BA177 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
11/04/2016 BA174 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
19/04/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
20/04/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
20/04/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
21/04/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
21/04/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
22/04/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
22/04/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
23/04/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
23/04/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
24/04/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
24/04/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
25/04/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
25/04/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
25/04/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
26/04/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
26/04/2016 BA114 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
27/04/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
27/04/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
28/04/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
28/04/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
28/04/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
29/04/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
29/04/2016 BA77 (LHR) London (LAD) Luanda
30/04/2016 BA76 (LAD) Luanda (LHR) London
01/05/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
01/05/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
02/05/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
02/05/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
02/05/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
03/05/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
03/05/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
04/05/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
04/05/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
05/05/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
05/05/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
06/05/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
06/05/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
07/05/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
07/05/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
08/05/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
08/05/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
09/05/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
09/05/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
10/05/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
10/05/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
11/05/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
11/05/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
12/05/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
12/05/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
13/05/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
13/05/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
14/05/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
14/05/2016 BA163 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
15/05/2016 BA162 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
15/05/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
15/05/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
16/05/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
16/05/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
17/05/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
17/05/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
18/05/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
18/05/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
18/05/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
19/05/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
19/05/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
20/05/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
20/05/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
21/05/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
21/05/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
22/05/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
22/05/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
23/05/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
23/05/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
23/05/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
24/05/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
25/05/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
25/05/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
26/05/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
26/05/2016 BA133 (LHR) London (JED) Jeddah
27/05/2016 BA132 (JED) Jeddah (LHR) London
27/05/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
27/05/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
28/05/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
28/05/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
29/05/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
29/05/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
30/05/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
30/05/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
31/05/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
01/06/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
01/06/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
01/06/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
02/06/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
02/06/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
03/06/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
03/06/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
04/06/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
04/06/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
05/06/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
05/06/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
06/06/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
06/06/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
07/06/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
07/06/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
08/06/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
09/06/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
09/06/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
09/06/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
09/06/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
09/06/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
10/06/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
11/06/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
11/06/2016 BA157 (LHR) London (KWI) Kuwait
12/06/2016 BA156 (KWI) Kuwait (LHR) London
12/06/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
13/06/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
13/06/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
14/06/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
15/06/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
16/06/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
16/06/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
17/06/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
17/06/2016 BA157 (LHR) London (KWI) Kuwait
18/06/2016 BA156 (KWI) Kuwait (LHR) London
18/06/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
18/06/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
19/06/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
20/06/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
20/06/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
20/06/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
21/06/2016 BA9150 (LHR) London (LGW) London
21/06/2016 BA2273 (LGW) London (JFK) New York
21/06/2016 BA2272 (JFK) New York (LGW) London
22/06/2016 BA9151 (LGW) London (LHR) London
22/06/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
22/06/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
23/06/2016 BA257 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
24/06/2016 BA256 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
24/06/2016 BA257 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
25/06/2016 BA256 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
25/06/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
25/06/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
26/06/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
26/06/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
27/06/2016 BA99 (LHR) London (YYZ) Toronto
27/06/2016 BA98 (YYZ) Toronto (LHR) London
28/06/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
28/06/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
30/06/2016 BA191 (LHR) London (AUS) Austin
30/06/2016 BA190 (AUS) Austin (LHR) London
28/06/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
28/06/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
30/06/2016 BA191 (LHR) London (AUS) Austin
30/06/2016 BA190 (AUS) Austin (LHR) London
01/07/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
01/07/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
02/07/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
03/07/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
03/07/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
03/07/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
04/07/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
04/07/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
05/07/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
05/07/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
06/07/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain (DOH) Doha
06/07/2016 BA124 (DOH) Doha (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
07/07/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
07/07/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
08/07/2016 BA191 (LHR) London (AUS) Austin
08/07/2016 BA190 (AUS) Austin (LHR) London
10/07/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
10/07/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
11/07/2016 BA191 (LHR) London (AUS) Austin
11/07/2016 BA190 (AUS) Austin (YHZ) Halifax (LHR) London
12/07/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
12/07/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
14/07/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
14/07/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
15/07/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
16/07/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
16/07/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
16/07/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
16/07/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
17/07/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
17/07/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
18/07/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
18/07/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
19/07/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
19/07/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
20/07/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
20/07/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
20/07/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
21/07/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
22/07/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
22/07/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
23/07/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
23/07/2016 BA163 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
24/07/2016 BA162 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
24/07/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
25/07/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
29/07/2016 BA235 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
29/07/2016 BA234 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
30/07/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
31/07/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
31/07/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
31/07/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
01/08/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
01/08/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
02/08/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
03/08/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
03/08/2016 BA257 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
04/08/2016 BA256 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
07/08/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
08/08/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
10/08/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
10/08/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
10/08/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
11/08/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
12/08/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
14/08/2016 BA9171 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
14/08/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
15/08/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
15/08/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
15/08/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
16/08/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
16/08/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
17/08/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
17/08/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
18/08/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
19/08/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
19/08/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
20/08/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
20/08/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
21/08/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
21/08/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
21/08/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
22/08/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
22/08/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
23/08/2016 BA95 (LHR) London (YUL) Montreal
23/08/2016 BA94 (YUL) Montreal (LHR) London
24/08/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
24/08/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
26/08/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
26/08/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
26/08/2016 BA163 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
27/08/2016 BA162 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
27/08/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
27/08/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
28/08/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
28/08/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
29/08/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
30/08/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
31/08/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
31/08/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
01/09/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
01/09/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
01/09/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
02/09/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
02/09/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
02/09/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
03/09/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
03/09/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
04/09/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
04/09/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
05/09/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
05/09/2016 BA114 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
06/09/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
06/09/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
07/09/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
08/09/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
08/09/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
09/09/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
09/09/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
10/09/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
10/09/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
10/09/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
11/09/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
11/09/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
12/09/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
12/09/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
13/09/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
14/09/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
14/09/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
15/09/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
15/09/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
16/09/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
16/09/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
16/09/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
17/09/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
17/09/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
18/09/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
18/09/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
19/09/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
20/09/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
20/09/2016 BA153 (LHR) London (IKA) Tehran
21/09/2016 BA152 (IKA) Tehran (LHR) London
21/09/2016 BA113 (LHR) London (JFK) New York
21/09/2016 BA114 (JFK) New York (LHR) London
22/09/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
22/09/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
23/09/2016 BA99 (LHR) London (YYZ) Toronto
23/09/2016 BA98 (YYZ) Toronto (LHR) London
24/09/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
24/09/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
25/09/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
25/09/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
26/09/2016 BA239 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
27/09/2016 BA238 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
28/09/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
29/09/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
29/09/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
30/09/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
30/09/2016 BA77 (LHR) London (LAD) Luanda
01/10/2016 BA76 (LAD) Luanda (LHR) London
02/10/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
02/10/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
03/10/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
03/10/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
03/10/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
04/10/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
04/10/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
05/10/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
05/10/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
05/10/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
06/10/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
07/10/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
07/10/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
07/10/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
09/10/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
09/10/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
09/10/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
10/10/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
10/10/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
10/10/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
11/10/2016 BA109 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
12/10/2016 BA108 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
12/10/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
13/10/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
13/10/2016 BA69 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
13/10/2016 BA68 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
14/10/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
15/10/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
15/10/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
15/10/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
16/10/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
16/10/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
16/10/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
17/10/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
17/10/2016 BA199 (LHR) London (BOM) Mumbai
18/10/2016 BA198 (BOM) Mumbai (LHR) London
18/10/2016 BA153 (LHR) London (IKA) Tehran
19/10/2016 BA152 (IKA) Tehran (LHR) London
19/10/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
19/10/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
20/10/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
20/10/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
21/10/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
21/10/2016 BA214 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
22/10/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
22/10/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
23/10/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
23/10/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
24/10/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
24/10/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
25/10/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
26/10/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
26/10/2016 BA195 (LHR) London (IAH) Houston
26/10/2016 BA194 (IAH) Houston (LHR) London
27/10/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
27/10/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
28/10/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
29/10/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
29/10/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
30/10/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
30/10/2016 BA185 (LHR) London (EWR) New York
30/10/2016 BA184 (EWR) New York (LHR) London
31/10/2016 BA185 (LHR) London (EWR) New York
31/10/2016 BA184 (EWR) New York (LHR) London
01/11/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
01/11/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
02/11/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain
03/11/2016 BA124 (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
03/11/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
03/11/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
04/11/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
04/11/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
05/11/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
05/11/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
11/11/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
11/11/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
12/11/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
12/11/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
13/11/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
13/11/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
14/11/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
14/11/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
16/11/2016 BA143 (LHR) London (DEL) Delhi
17/11/2016 BA142 (DEL) Delhi (LHR) London
17/11/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
17/11/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
18/11/2016 BA125 (LHR) London (BAH) Bahrain
19/11/2016 BA124 (BAH) Bahrain (LHR) London
19/11/2016 BA53 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
19/11/2016 BA52 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
20/11/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
20/11/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
21/11/2016 BA67 (LHR) London (PHL) Philadelphia
21/11/2016 BA66 (PHL) Philadelphia (LHR) London
23/11/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
23/11/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
24/11/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
24/11/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
25/11/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
25/11/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
26/11/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (NBO) Nairobi
26/11/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
27/11/2016 BA65 (LHR) London (EBB) Entebbe (NBO) Nairobi
27/11/2016 BA64 (NBO) Nairobi (LHR) London
28/11/2016 BA73 (LHR) London (AUH) Abu Dhabi
29/11/2016 BA72 (AUH) Abu Dhabi (LHR) London
29/11/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
29/11/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
30/11/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
30/11/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
01/12/2016 BA93 (LHR) London (YYZ) Toronto
01/12/2016 BA92 (YYZ) Toronto (LHR) London
02/12/2016 BA53 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
02/12/2016 BA52 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
03/12/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
03/12/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
04/12/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
04/12/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
05/12/2016 BA75 (LHR) London (LOS) Lagos
05/12/2016 BA74 (LOS) Lagos (LHR) London
06/12/2016 BA165 (LHR) London (TLV) Tel Aviv
06/12/2016 BA164 (TLV) Tel Aviv (LHR) London
06/12/2016 BA83 (LHR) London (ABV) Abuja
07/12/2016 BA82 (ABV) Abuja (LHR) London
07/12/2016 BA79 (LHR) London (MCT) Muscat
08/12/2016 BA80 (MCT) Muscat (LHR) London
08/12/2016 BA105 (LHR) London (DXB) Dubai
09/12/2016 BA104 (DXB) Dubai (LHR) London
09/12/2016 BA153 (LHR) London (IKA) Tehran
10/12/2016 BA152 (IKA) Tehran (LHR) London
10/12/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
10/12/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London
11/12/2016 BA263 (LHR) London (RUH) Riyadh
12/12/2016 BA262 (RUH) Riyadh (LHR) London
12/12/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
12/12/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
12/12/2016 BA153 (LHR) London (IKA) Tehran
13/12/2016 BA152 (IKA) Tehran (LHR) London
13/12/2016 BA203 (LHR) London (BOS) Boston
13/12/2016 BA202 (BOS) Boston (LHR) London
14/12/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
14/12/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
15/12/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
15/12/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
16/12/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
16/12/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
17/12/2016 BA153 (LHR) London (IKA) Tehran
18/12/2016 BA152 (IKA) Tehran (LHR) London
18/12/2016 BA79 (LHR) London (MCT) Muscat
19/12/2016 BA80 (MCT) Muscat (LHR) London
19/12/2016 BA79 (LHR) London (MCT) Muscat
20/12/2016 BA80 (MCT) Muscat (LHR) London
20/12/2016 BA77 (LHR) London (LAD) Luanda
21/12/2016 BA76 (LAD) Luanda (LHR) London
22/12/2016 BA93 (LHR) London (YYZ) Toronto
22/12/2016 BA92 (YYZ) Toronto (LHR) London
23/12/2016 BA233 (LHR) London (DME) Moscow
23/12/2016 BA232 (DME) Moscow (LHR) London
24/12/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
24/12/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
25/12/2016 BA153 (LHR) London (IKA) Tehran
26/12/2016 BA152 (IKA) Tehran (LHR) London
26/12/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
26/12/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
27/12/2016 BA293 (LHR) London (IAD) Washington
27/12/2016 BA292 (IAD) Washington (LHR) London
28/12/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
28/12/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
29/12/2016 BA49 (LHR) London (SEA) Seattle
29/12/2016 BA48 (SEA) Seattle (LHR) London
30/12/2016 BA297 (LHR) London (ORD) Chicago
30/12/2016 BA296 (ORD) Chicago (LHR) London
31/12/2016 BA227 (LHR) London (ATL) Atlanta
31/12/2016 BA226 (ATL) Atlanta (LHR) London

The above information was obtained through various sources, including thebasource.com.


For the most up-to-date information about the “G-RAES” airliner, please visit the delicated page on the BA Source website.