The Great Egg Race Award

The Great Egg Race Competition was held at the December meeting from 1983 until 2001. The format is broadly taken from an 1980’s television series of the same name, when competing teams build and test a model or structure to prescribed rules using specified equipment or components. An appropriately qualified referee is appointed to judge the models, award marks and ensure fair pay.

The winning team, or individual, receives the Egg Race Trophy which was made and presented in 1983 to the London Airport Joint Branch by members of British Airways’ Avionics Workshop. The brass trophy shows Concorde emerging from the shell of a cracked egg.

Five teams entered the first race in 1983 and were given the task of building a 15 gram “structure” no longer than 50 centimetres to replace the “ailing” Severn Bridge. The balsa wood models were marked for style and adherence to the specifications and then tested to destruction by loading them with lead shot. The maximum load taken was 47 lbs by the British Airways Pilots’ model, which beat their nearest rival by 15 lbs. Subsequent Egg Races projects have involved catapulting eggs, gliders and diving into lagoons.


The Egg Race Winners

  • 1983 – “The Pilots” (Peter Hunt, Rod Fulton, Frank Zubiel)
  • 1984 – “The Pilots” (Peter Hunt, Rod Fulton, Frank Zubiel)
  • 1985 – Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO)
  • 1986 – Hong Kong
  • 1987 – The Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers (GATCO)
  • 1988 – PIPC BA
  • 1989 – David Madgwick
  • 1990 – “C” Watch, LARCC
  • 1991 – Mike Bloodworth
  • 1992 – Mike Bloodworth
  • 1993 – Jack Rogerson
  • 1994 – Jack Rogerson
  • 1995 – IM Leisure
  • 1996 – Andrew Harvey
  • 1997 – Ian Price
  • 1998 – Michael Batchelder
  • 1999 – unknown
  • 2000 – unknown

From 2001, The Great Egg Race Competition and Awards has been transferred to the Royal Aeronautical Society HQ, and became a nationwide/worldwide competition event.

1984 GER_lres

Great Egg Race winners in 1983 and 1984 were British Airways’ pilots Peter Hunt, Frank Zubiel and Rod Fulton. Photo by: Christine Quick