Branch Artefacts


Linda Jones sword_lres

Linda Jones holding the sword during her Chairmanship 1984-85. Photo by: Christine Quick

An ornate hand-crafted ceremonial sword complete with scabbard, was presented to the Branch in 1969 by Graviners of Colnbrook. Mr W Abigall of Graviner/Wilkinson was a Branch Committee member from 1959-68. On leaving he arranged for a ceremonial sword to be presented to the Royal Aeronautical Society side of the Branch by Graviners of Colnbrook. Made by Royal swordmakers, Wilkinson Sword, it is used on formal occasions such as the named lectures, or when the Branch President is present. The names of past Presidents and Chairmen are engraved along the blade and subsequently on brass plates on its wooden plinth. The sword was completely refurbished in 1983.

Sir Richard Fairey Portrait

A framed portrait of Sir Richard Fairey with the Fairey Delta aircraft was presented to the Branch by Mr Brian H Rowe, Senior Vice-President, General Electric, when he delivered the Fairey Memorial lecture in 1983 and to mark the 25th lecture in the series.

Portrait of Valentina Tereshkova

Presented to the Branch by USSR Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova on the occasion of her lecture on 18 October 1984. Not only the first woman in space, she was and at the time of her lecture, a member of the Russian Politburo.

NASA Picture

This picture was presented to the Branch by the NASA Astronaut Michael Baker when he presented the 1990 Sir Richard Fairey lecture. It depicts the space shuttle and crew, together with a British Union flag carried on the shuttle Atlantis flight of 18-23 October 1989. During the flight the Galileo spacecraft was launched to explore Jupiter. A similar picture was presented to the Branch by Shuttle Astronaut, Jim Reilly, in February 1999.

Chairman’s Medal

The Chairman’s medal is a gold plated disc bearing the Society crest and suspended from a blue silk ribbon. The ribbon has clasp inscribed with the Branch name. The medal was introduced in 1992 following a Branch Committee decision that the Chairman should have a badge of office both to identify him at Branch events but also to recognise the importance of his position. The medal was purchased through the RAeS at a cost of £70 using Branch funds plus a generous contribution from Dr Nirgude, a Branch member. The outgoing Chairman traditionally passes the medal on to his or her successor at the Annual General Meeting.

Great Egg Race Trophy

Egg Race Trophy_lres

Photo by: Christine Quick

The Great Egg Race Trophy was made and presented to the branch by British Airways’s Avionic Workshop in 1983. It consists of a Concorde model emerging from the shell of a cracked egg. It is fashioned in brass and is presented annually to the winner of the Branch Great Egg Race competition. The winning name or names are inscribed on the plinth.

Ian Brown Award

The Award is a combination of the Society crest mounted on a polished wooden stand. This amalgamation is the handiwork of John Charlton, a retired British Airways’ Propulsion Engineer and long time Branch member. John used to also inscribe all the Branch awards each year.