AEROSPACE Magazine – August 2017 Edition, from the Royal Aeronautical Society

Aerospace 201708_lres.jpgIn the August 2017 edition of AEROSPACE, the RAeS monthly flagship magazine:

  • Highlights of the 2017 Paris Air Show;
  • Why Africa’s Carriers Still Struggle as Successful Business Ventures;
  • Israel’s Three-Tier Anti Ballistic Missile Defence System;
  • The US Countdown to Regaining Human Spaceflight Access;
  • Plus the usual News, Comment, Insight and Society Business.

Download your copy here or join the Royal Aeronautical Society HQ to access it.

✈ Radome – Intelligence/Analysis/Comment
– A digest of the top aviation, aerospace and space news from the previous month.

✈ Antenna − Commentator Howard Wheeldon considers Boeing’s claims of unfair competition from Bombardier’s CSeries.

✈ Transmissions − Your letters, emails, tweets and feedback.

✈ Plane Speaking − North by North – Why does aviation continue to navigate by Magnetic North rather than True North?

✈ Shielding Israel − An analysis of Israel’s three-tier anti ballistic missile defence system.

✈ Briefing Better − How current pilot briefing procedures could be improved.

✈ Romania’s Notorious MiGs − A visit to Aerostar’s MRO facility in Romania.

✈ Africa’s Airline Travails − Why Africa’s carriers still struggle as successful business ventures.

Paris Shimmers and Shines − A full report of the highlights at this year’s 2017 Paris Air Show

✈ Taxi to LEO Please − Six years after the last Space Shuttle mission, the US counts down to regaining its human spaceflight access.

✈ Afterburner
• President and Chief Executive’s Message
• Book Reviews
• Library Additions
• It Flies USA – Winning Aircraft Design Comes From Manchester
• Corporate Partners
• Diary
• RAeS Golf Day
• YPN in the Spotlight
• Obituaries

✈ The Last Word − Keith Hayward commentary – Raise the Space Jolly Roger


AEROSPACE is the flagship monthly publication of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is free to all members as part of their membership. It is written for aerospace professionals by aerospace professionals. Inaugurated in June 2013 and replacing the two earlier members’ monthly magazines, Aerospace International and The Aerospace Professional, AEROSPACE is features-led, agenda-setting, global in outlook, dynamic and forward looking. Each issue contains news and analysis as well as Society news and events, book reviews and news of members. Letters and feedback are positively encouraged.


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