RAeS Heathrow Branch Concluded the Last Lecture of Year 2016 – “The Development of Aircraft Simulation”

On the 08th December 2016, the Royal Aeronautical Society Heathrow Branch successfully concluded the last lecture of its Sexagennial (60th) year and RAeS’s Sesquicentennial (150th) year at the British Airways Waterside Theatre. The lecture, presented by Captain Hugh Dibley, who is a renown Commercial Airline Pilot, recent Airbus A320/330/340 Pilot Instructor, ex-Technical Pilot of Airbus Training Toulouse, as well as an Aviation Consultant and member of the Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Specialist Group and the Council, was entitled ‘The Development of Aircraft Simulation – An Essential Part of Training and Aircraft Design’.

img_9773_lresBefore he started his formal presentation, Captain Dibley showed the audience the footage of first Airbus A380 final assembly in Toulouse, France with parts coming from all over the Europe – France, Germany, Spain and UK.

The audience was then taken on a journey through the history of aviation and simulation, the development of simulators and the need for pilots & training. Captain Dibley presented the developments of aircraft simulation as an essential part of training and even aircraft design. He described the operational capabilities of the latest visual and motion systems, which are today being applied not only to aircraft simulators but to ground vehicles, naval and space ship simulators.

img_9762_lresCaptain Dibley used many current examples of the technologies involved in delivering high quality FSTD training. Aircraft and their environment are growing ever more complex and the technologies used to simulate them and provide training are constantly evolving. Simulation offers a safe environment for practising system failures, abnormal weather, traffic and terrain avoidance, and virtual operation at any airfield in the world.

Captain Dibley also talked about the Airbus ‘iron bird’ systems integration and test bench and show a video of the first flight of the A380, ‘Reality on 27 April 2005’, where virtual becomes reality as the simulation is put onto the aircraft itself to carry out the validation and integration of the systems at aircraft level. His presentation further expanded with a section on Space Flight Tourism Simulation where prospective passengers can experience up to 4G during acceleration and deceleration prior to their space flight.

img_9778_lresCaptain Dibley concluded the presentation with behind the scene stories of how the Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Specialist Group helped the industry to design and develop the international standard for flight simulation devices, produced International Simulator Qualification Test Guide (IQTG), the pilot training requirements and its required simulator standards. With the formation of an International Working Group (60 delegates from 16 countries), the Royal Aeronautical Society contributed significantly to the drawing of ICAO 9625 document for international implementation. Thus, the Royal Aeronautical Society has been granted the Observer status at International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which is the only organisation to have this privilege.

img_9779_lresThe lecture was also followed by the RAeS Heathrow Branch’s first Young Member get-together at the local Smith’s Grill & Bar – a great opportunity to network with each other and seek advice from other members of the Society.

Looking forward to the January 2017 lecture, the RAeS Heathrow Branch is welcoming Oliver Vass, who was a participant in the first “RAeS School Build-A-Plane Challenge”, to present his first-hand experiences of building a two seater light aircraft “G-YTLY” in his secondary school. He will review the many opportunities that he has received within the project and will speak about his views on why the aviation industry is so important for young people to aspire and to be involved in. The lecture will also be a Young Members focused event, offering the exceptional opportunity to visit to the British Airways Heritage Museum as well as enjoying a pre-lecture networking reception kindly sponsored by Boeing UK. You can now register online to attend our lectures at tiny.cc/RAeSLHR.

William Li, 09 December 2016


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