AEROSPACE Magazine – July 2016 Edition, from the Royal Aeronautical Society

Aeospace July2016_lres

Aerospace Magazine July 2016 Edition with Special #FIA16 wrap-around Cover

In the July 2016 edition of AEROSPACE, the RAeS monthly flagship magazine:

  • The Outlook of Defence and Future Air Combat;
  • How Commercial Space Companies are Shaking up the US Space Launcher Market;
  • Airbus Looks to the Future at Innovation Days;
  • Secrets From the Boeing Corporate Archives;
  • Plus the usual News, Comment, Insight and Society Business.

Download your copy here.

Radome – Intelligence/Analysis/Comment – A digest of the top aviation, aerospace and space news from the previous month.

Antenna – Commentator Howard Wheeldon considers the past and future of the Farnborough Air Show.

Transmissions – Your letters, emails, tweets and feedback.

✈ Optimism Rises in Defence Sector – What is the defence market outlook for the US and Europe?

Dash to Deliver – Tim Robinson reports from this year’s Airbus Innovation Days meeting in Hamburg.

The Future of … Defence – Stealth Technology, Drones, Killer Satellites and Lasers – What aircraft and weapons might be fighting the wars of tomorrow?

Rocketmen – How commercial space companies are shaking up the US space launcher market?

Evolution of the Fittest – Saab rolls out the latest version of the Gripen E fighter.

Keeper of the Flame – 100 years of aviation history in the Boeing archives.

The Flying Billboard – Spotlight on a little-known bizarre British aircraft project of the 1960s.

• President and Chief Executive’s Message
• Book Reviews
• Library additions
• Gala Banquet
• RAeS History − Part 7 Expansion
• Diary
• RAeS Council 2016-17
• Delivering the Dream
• Corporate Partners
• RAeS Elections

The Last Word – Professor Keith Hayward on the long-awaited Farnborough debut of the F-35 Lightning II.


AEROSPACE is the flagship monthly publication of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is free to all members as part of their membership. It is written for aerospace professionals by aerospace professionals. Inaugurated in June 2013 and replacing the two earlier members’ monthly magazines, Aerospace International and The Aerospace Professional, AEROSPACE is features-led, agenda-setting, global in outlook, dynamic and forward looking. Each issue contains news and analysis as well as Society news and events, book reviews and news of members. Letters and feedback are positively encouraged.


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